Who Needs An Inspection

Buyers and Sellers

Many buyers and investors ask this question when North Carolina does not require you to have a Home Inspection.  "The real reason is to protect you"! North Carolina is a "Non - Disclosure" state, simply meaning when you purchase a home the seller has no obligation to reveal any seen or hidden problems that could result in additional hidden expenses coming your way! Call Carolina Blue Inspections at 252-202-4543 now to provide you with a report revealing the actual condition of your homes systems at the time of the inspection.
As a seller giving your house an edge over other sellers is also a great tool to use when selling your home. 

Swimming Pool Owners

Pools are "Fun for the whole family"! They also can be dangerous and need close attention to safety regulations and State & County Codes. Call Carolina Blue Inspections at 252-202-4543 we are qualified and inspect all swimming pools for #1 Safety and #2 to inform you of your pools actual condition.


Carolina Blue Inspections understands the time frame and the pressure to complete the due- diligence period before closing. Our reports are written as we inspect, That's why we can "Guarantee the same day inspection reports." No longer are you waiting. Time is money and you deserve a professional inspection company to work for "your client and you"! Give Carolina Blue Inspections a call today at 252-202-4543.

Business Owners

Leasing or Purchasing a commercial building on the Outer Banks, give Carolina Blue Inspections a call at 252-202-4543. We have the knowledge and the expertise to give you a thrual understanding of the building your purchasing or leasing.

Inrared Inspection

Home owners, Buyers, or General Contractors who are experiencing mold or water damage. Water intrusion can result in severe damage leading to astronomical cost. Call Carolina Blue Inspections today at 252-202-4543. We can identify the unseen areas tracing the problem to its source.